Sunday, 26 March 2017

The best free show on earth

And a very good morning to you my lovely readers. I'm full of the joys of summer. Were you up early enough to see the beautiful sunrise this morning? Isn't it just the best free show on earth? I went to bed early and got up early. Made a coffee, and watched it rise behind the trees at the bottom of my garden. Not my trees, the silver birches are in the garden behind mine. A panoramic view from my upstairs window. 

Stunning, love the whispy reds. It's looking like another blue sky day today. Yesterday I started my walks again, the leg is better, then another afternoon in the summer house. Could be the same pattern for today. Best make the most of the nice weather.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday, with your mum, your kids and grandkids if you have any. My mum would have been 99, sadly she died 35 years ago. Love you mum.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Friday, 24 March 2017

Going to meet Jordan

Hello. It's been a glorious day here, I've been working in the studio, aka my award winning summer house/beach hut/posh shed. I fancied doing some painting, this is the start of another picture. Another cheat picture, take a piece of fabric and paint over it. It wouldn't be that difficult to draw a design like this, but I'm lazy. 

The leg is on the mend, feels a lot better today. Going to have a couple more days of rest, then I'll be ready to start walking again. I am well ahead with the miles anyway so I'm not too worried about getting behind.

Has anyone heard about the Coupon Kid? Jordan Cox was in the press a while back for getting a load of shopping dead cheap by using lots of coupons. He also found some great deals on travel. He tweeted the other day that he is booked to do a talk at a WI meeting near Lincoln on the 20th of  April, and it's not too far away for me to travel, so I will be going along.

Here is Jordan's Facebook page. Have a look at some of his videos, he has a great speaking voice and is very confident for a 20 year old. This lad will go far, he is ideally suited for TV and radio work.

Is anyone else within travelling distance of Reepham near Lincoln? Come along if you can.

It's the weekend. I hope you have a good one. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Savvy supermarket shopping

Hello. My leg is still giving me a bit of bother, I tried to do my three miles but gave up. The muscle is still painful. Janet has given me some cream to put on it, I'll give it a try. I have had soap in my bed for a while now, read about it somewhere. It was doing the trick, no cramps for a couple of months. I am drinking a lot more, see if that makes any difference.

Here is my latest video, finished uploading at 10pm last night. Hope you like it.

I had a look in the garage to find something to plant up the flowers. I got three trays for 20p each, 18 plants. Luckily I picked up a bag of compost last week at Aldi for £1.50.

The black metal boxes I found when someone was clearing out their garage. They have drain holes in the bottom. Not sure what they were originally used for, but they were just right for this. I put a couple of inches of stones and wood in the bottom to assist drainage then the compost on the top. The plants looked a bit wilty, but soon perked up when I watered them. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good show of purple and white flowers.

Lunch today was steamed veg. The broccoli needs eating, carrots from last week, the last of the beetroot. A dash of mayo with this.

Couldn't be bothered to cook tonight, a chuck it on the plate meal. Bean salad, mini cucumber, avocado pear, mushrooms, cheese and onion quiche, and broad bean houmous. I'm stuffed now.

Thanks very much for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Out of respect......

..........for those people who lost their lives, for the families of the dead, for those who were horrifically mowed down in London yesterday and now face life threatening and life changing injuries, my heart goes out to you. The sun shines in North Lincolnshire this morning, but there is a black cloud hanging over the whole of humanity. Very sad day indeed.

Back later. xxx