Monday, 19 February 2018

Dashing away with the smoothing iron

Hello. I think I have mentioned before that I don't do ironing. I don't buy clothes which need ironing, because I find it incredibly boring to stand slaving over a hot iron for an hour or two. I don't iron any household linens, I have better things to do. 
I do have an iron, and an ironing board, which doubles up as a bedside table, so it is always there. No getting it out and putting it away again. Today  I did some ironing. I was given a big bag of felt offcuts all tangled up, at Crafty Club this morning, and they needed ironing, so I set to and did it. Most of it was in long strips. Here I am half way through, it seemed to go on and on, sorting out the colours. Mayze is supervising. Not sure what I can use this for, probably only good for small projects like the Christmas decorations, and hanging hearts. 
It turned into a 'tidying up felt' day, so I went through all my felt, ironed it, and sorted it into colours. I had one of these mixed bags once before and there is quite a lot of dark colours and narrow strips in them. A lot of brown.

The larger flat pieces I put in a plastic storage box.

I even keep all the tiny pieces. When I am making something small I look in these baskets first to see if there is the right colour and size, before I cut into a larger piece.

After I whittled the tangled mess down into tidily ironed piles, I gave up with the last bits. Can't be bothered to iron these. If I do get round to using them I will iron them as and when.

The weather has been wet and miserable today so this has kept me busy indoors. The cats haven't wanted to go out, Garcia came early and stayed all day. He seems to know what time to go home, usually leaving about 4pm, so he is waiting on the doorstep when they come home from work.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Rescuing stuff from the tip

Hello. Back again. It was my lucky day today. I was walking down the High Street, as I do, at the start of my walk, when I came across someone sorting through the contents of their shed. They had removed quite a lot of stuff, and it was in a pile on their driveway. It caught my eye, as it does. No skip, just stuff. I asked if they were dumping any of it, and could I see if there is anything I can make use of. They pointed out a few things which were destined for the tip, and said if I went back in a couple of hours they would have a few more things sorted out. This gave me chance to do my walk and have a sandwich before I went back in my car. 
Look what I got, a very nice cane arm chair complete with cushions. It's lovely and comfy, just the job for the Summer House. 
A box of assorted bricabrac, there are some glasses which I will take to the charity shop. Floor tiles, rolls of wall paper, a wooden box, tins of paint, curtains, a throw, a bed sheet, and an iron ornamental pot holder, plus other odds and sods.

Oh, I see, Mayze has discovered the new chair.

This wrought iron thingy will hold two small plant pots. I had a small pot of green paint left over from painting the shed plaque, and the apples I painted with nail varnish. It's given it a new lease of life. A free garden ornament for me.

There are 21 new, self stick vinyl floor tiles, in a marble design. They will come in useful.

 I'm not 100% sure what this is. It's like a giant plastic comb, and bendy. The four pieces are about three feet long and fasten together. I think it is something you screw to the top of a fence to stop cats jumping over, maybe. Can't think of anything else. I have an idea for a garden sculpture for this.

Oooh look, now it's Heidi's turn on the new chair.

I think I did alright there, lucky I was passing when I did, or this lot would have gone to the tip. Don't forget, when you are out and about keep your eyes open for free stuff. Look for skips, or people sorting out stuff and loading their car up. Always ask if there is anything you fancy, don't be shy. The worst that can happen is that they say no. Mostly they say take what you want.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Friday, 16 February 2018

Third walk from Haworth, then home.

Hello. The pictures are sorted, so I'll get this last post about bimbling around Haworth done. I made this video on Day 2 when I was on my way to Keighley.

Day three started with checking out of the hostel and saying goodbye to the visiting puss. He/she lives in a bungalow next door. I saw it one afternoon heading across the grass and through the hedge into it's garden. Very friendly and laid back cat, it allowed everyone to stroke it.

The main entrance to the hostel from the car park.

Blog reader Simplesista came to meet me at the hostel and we went in her car to Haworth. It was lovely to see her. In the car park is a big mural, I love it. My kind of art.

The church, SS well wrapped up. It was sunny but cold. We looked at the Bronte Parsonage but didn't go in, and stuck our noses into the old school room next to it where they were making preparations for a royal visit. Camilla PB is there today.

 After warming ourselves up with coffee and cake, we parted company. SS went back to Bradford, and I went for a walk. I took a different route out of Haworth, Lord Lane, down a steep hill, and up the road that you can see in the distance.

 At the bottom is Lord Bridge. This looks like a very old foot bridge which is overgrown, next to it is the road bridge.

Being nosy looking into someone's garden. The cute little summer house and patio is next to the fast flowing river. An idyllic spot to relax.

I walked on the road for  a long time, so I could speed up my walking. This row of houses are on the outskirts of Oakworth. I like the little stone sheds that were built into the front garden, giving storage for bicycles and equipment. The one on the far left has new doors on it. A clever way of maximizing the space.

Onward I went, I came to the cemetery and crematorium. It has some woodland to the side of it, and a path through. I like the little memorials so lovingly built among the trees.

It's quite a big place.

There is a garden with a lawned area with borders, and seats to sit and reflect. It doesn't look as if anyone is taking care of it though.

Onward I went. The wind was very strong, I was flippin freezing. Can you see the look of pleasure pain on my face.

At one point I took the wrong track and ended up in a farmyard, luckily they put me right and I went on my way. The wind was whipping across Ponden Reservoir, it looks like a very choppy sea out there.

On the other side of the water, the valley below where the excess water runs off into the distance.

 At Stanbury, I didn't go in the pub, I sat on a bench in the children's playground and ate my snack.

Past Lower Laithe Reservoir, it's still choppy out there.

I decided to stay on the road now because I wanted to get back to the hostel. Not far to go but I want a pee, quick hide behind a bush next to the railway track. Ooops, good job this trains wasn't a couple of minutes earlier.

Ooh look, the engine is back to front.

Not far now, there are quite a few of these mill buildings with tall chimneys dotted about.

I was back at the car for 4pm, and hit a bit of traffic going home. Not to worry, no rush, I am still on holiday. I called in at Tesco, picked up a few reductions but couldn't be bothered to wait for the final sticker to go on. I was hungry and wanted to get home to eat.

On the map, the green line is from Tuesday, the orange one from Wednesday, and the blue one is from yesterday, Thursday. The pink one is from a previous visit. I won't be back for a while, plenty of new places to explore.

I've walked 20 miles over the three days, a very cold 20 miles, I might add. My poor face is so sore, I've slapped loads of moisturizer on it. I've saved this vid  for last, because I knew you wanted one last look at a steam train.

Same engine today at Haworth Station, picture in the DM

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A walk to Keighley, a bus ride, and a walk back.

Hello. Well it was dry to start with this morning, so I set off full of hope for a long walk. After a full breakfast I left the hostel at 9.30am and took a narrow road which turned into a track called The Worth Way, heading towards Hainworth. As I climbed the hill I stopped to look at the view. The sheep must have thought I was bringing them breakfast because they all came running towards me. By the amount of rotting hay lying around this looks like the spot that the lorry comes to and throws the hay over the wall. Ooops, sorry sheep I have no food for you. 
Still a covering of snow on the ground. The normally boggy ground was frozen so at least I was not up to my ankles in mud. Had to be careful on the ice though.

Lovely views from up here.

All the time I was walking I could hear the toot toot, and the chug chug of the steam train in the valley. I went over the railway track and walked towards Keighley, passing through some fairly new build bungalows. I was surprised to see this graffiti on the wall of the Community Centre. Maybe it's a Banksy.

Sign on the front of the end bungalow. all well and good, till you look at the side of the building and see the rubbish.

Needs another sign here, 'This is a clean it up people zone'.

I got to Keighley station and it started raining so I took shelter and had a snack. The rain didn't ease off. I saw there was a steam train in, and started talking to one of the enthusiasts taking photographs, I was having a moan about the rain. He suggested I got the bus to Saltaire and have a walk around Salts Mill. I thought that was a good idea, so I did, after I took these photo's.

It was about a twenty minute bus ride. I would have much preferred to have a long walk, but having a plan 'B' is a good idea.

I spent a couple of hours in there. Had a look at all the floors.

This is a very posh home ware department, all the latest fashions for the home. Mr Titus Salt would turn in his grave if he could see this now. A big change from the industrial warehouse that it used to be.

College students made this model of the Salt Mill.

There are pictures mounted on the wall giving an insight of Mill life all those years ago.

Luckily when I came out it had stopped raining, so I got the bus back to Keighley. I have to say I didn't think much of Keighley, I could have taken a hundred photo's like this one. Rubbish everywhere. The market was quite good though.

On the walk back to Haworth I heard the familiar toot toot, and there was a train in as I passed Ingrow West Station.

The rain started again just as I was arriving back at the hostel. There are more guests in tonight, more families with little kiddy winks running about. I have found a quiet corner in the dining room to write this. I have two new room mates tonight.

Only eight miles walked today, bit disappointing, I would have liked to do more. Never mind, I'll give it another go tomorrow. Hope the weather is better.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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