Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A good decision

Hello. Just when you think you are troll free, up pops another nasty comment. I have to admit I laughed when I saw it, the way people get their knickers in a twist is a source of amusement for me. It's been quiet for a while on the troll front, but something I said on the previous post must have touched a nerve. The words sanctimonious, entitled, perfect, and gloating were included in the comment. At least they were able to stick to only one mildly sweary word, but I did sense the bitterness in the tone of it.

I won't bother publishing it, because this person clearly has some issues. I just hope that one day they are able to find some clarity and peace in their life. It's wasted energy when someone feels the need to attack another just because they haven't had a particularly easy life themselves. It's like they blame others for all their problems, when they should be focusing on making the best of the situation they find themselves in.

Again, going back to the message from yesterday, it's about choices. Anger is a destructive trait, I choose not to be angry, so in the trolls eyes that makes me sanctimonious. It's funny that troll says, 'entitled yellow stickers'. I have said many times that there is very little that I am entitled to, and yellow stickers isn't one of them. 'Knowing that you are perfect', another quote. I know full well that I am not perfect. I make mistakes, but at least I don't go onto other people's blogs and slag them off.

This person has vowed not to come back. I'm glad they have made that choice for themselves if they are not happy with what they read here. I would hate to think that my words are going to send their blood pressure through the roof. A good decision.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up later, everyone except the troll that is.
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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Get a life. You have choices.

Hello. I've had an email asking this question....

You mentioned a couple of times in comments that you can afford more now.  But, I was wondering if sometime you would write more about how we can afford more as time goes by when all I hear others say is that money does not go as far and that they can afford less and less.

Yes it's true, prices do go up all the time. I can afford a bit more now because my spending is all calculated, and my self discipline is embedded in my make up. It is probably a bit confusing to some people, how can it be that price rises do not affect me. The truth is that I don't get hung up about it, I am only affected when the regular things I buy are increased in price. I couldn't care less about other stuff because I don't buy it.

When I see that something has gone up which I buy weekly or monthly, I assess whether I want to pay for it, or look for another similar product at a cheaper price. For instance, my soya milk went up in Tesco so I switched to Aldi. The 1kg bags (7 or 8) bananas were changed for five in a bag for the same price in Aldi, so I switched to loose bananas because they worked out cheaper. If I really want to buy that item at a higher price, and I have saved money on other things, I will treat myself to it.

OK, do not listen to others moaning about prices, some people thrive on doom and gloom. Negativity rubs off, it's positive people that you want to mix with. Some people feel hard done by when really they are quite comfortable. People want things they can't realistically afford, it's not because prices are high, it's because they are making the wrong choices. They have a sense of entitlement. They see others around them with the latest this and that, and they want it too. Don't be like a sheep. I say to those people, 'get a life, not a new sofa'.

When I first started this blog I was surviving on a small income, that's because I chose to cut down on my working hours. I lowered my sights, I only spent on things that I needed. After a few years I am now in the position that my emergency fund is pretty much ok, I don't have to worry about when thing break and need replacing. I have saved up the cash.

The key word here is CHOICES. I could choose to splash out and spend my emergency fund on something frivolous, then regret it later. Or I could choose a date to replace my car, which is important to me, and save that money to pay for the car. Planning ahead pays dividends, spontaneous spending gets people locked in debt and possible bankruptcy . The choice is.... KEEP ON TOP OF THINGS, OR FACE YEARS OF MISERY.

It never fails to amaze me that people don't realize they have choices. Read the Debt Free Wannabe on the MSE forum. They are in debt but they don't want to give up the Sky, smoking, socializing, beauty treatments, gym, takeaways, daily coffee in a cardboard cup. OK, if they want to continue in the lifestyle they have created for themselves, always living on the edge, living from month to month, never actually making any progress, then they choose to be poor. I could slap them sometimes.

It's all down to attitude, and expectations, and your entitlements, and how much you think you deserve something. I set my sights low, I am not entitled to anything I can't afford to pay for. My attitude is that I need very little to live, food, and a basic roof over my head. I need specs to help my vision, a hearing aid to help me hear, and a dentist to look after my teeth. If I fall ill I need healthcare. Anything else  that I can pay for is a bonus.

At this point I will remind everyone that LESS is MORE. The less stuff you own, the less you buy, the less you can afford, the less spare money you have, the less decisions you have to make, the more simplified your life will be.

I am an optimist, I think things are pretty good for me at the moment. I have nothing to complain about, even price rises don't bother me. Why should they, I choose what I want to buy. I buy it or I don't buy it, end of. As I said, no point in moaning about it.

Thank you J for your question. Another busy day. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Monday, 21 August 2017

Shed of the year 2017.

Hello. I'm a bit tired tonight, been delivering newsletters this afternoon. Shed of the Year is back on TV, yes, it'a a year since me and my shed was on the box. I've just caught up with the first episode of 2017, there are three more to come, on the next three Sunday nights. Here is the link to the first programme in the new series.
Shed of the Year 2017 episode 1 57 days left.

I see that my episode is still on Channel 4oD,  I'm not sure how long it's there for but if you want to see it click on this link. Shed of the Year 2016 episode 4..

Off to bed now. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Sunday, 20 August 2017

A bit of progress on the latest picture.

Hello and Good Evening. Here is a little update on the needle felting picture. It's coming along slowly. 

I didn't like the tentacles on this little fella so I've changed them. Much better now. Still a lot more to do. I'll keep you posted.

Tonight I made a big pan of curried veggie stew, it's bloomin lovely. I started off with Quorn pieces, Quorn mince, and chopped onion, cooked it in oil and spices, curry powder, turmeric, and vegetable granules. added water and fruit juice, and chucked in a load of chopped vegetables, and a tin of mixed beans. Simmered it for a while. I'm going to be busy for a couple of days, I'll keep it in the fridge and it will just need warming up in the microwave.

I'm getting itchy feet again and thinking it's time I did another long walk. Carlisle to Cleveleys seems about right. A walk through the Lake District, nice scenery.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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A Norwegian Tragedy. Book review.

Hello. I remember when the news came out about the massacre of 69 young people on the island of Utoya in 2011, and wondered what kind of person could do that. There were some court scenes on the television of the trial, and Anders Breivik came across as smirking, with no remorse whatsoever about what he had done. What usually happens when such murderous atrocities occur is that the perpetrator is often gunned down in a shoot out, but on this occasion Breivik gave himself up. He momentarily decided he wanted to live. 
The newspapers were full of 'how could this have happened,' stories, what kind of a mind could be so evil? This book is a study of Breveik's life from childhood to the time he was arrested, painstakingly pieced together by the author. It charts the difficult relationship he had with his mother, the graffiti gangs he ran around with, and his obsession with computer war games. In his disturbed mind the differences between real life and imaginary avatars battling it out on a screen blurred into one, and was not clear cut. The book digs deep into the psychological profile of Breveik. He was very much a lone psychopath/sociopath who tried to fit in but never really succeeding.

The first part of the book is about the bombings in the centre of Oslo which Breveit carried out. There is a lot about the political climate at that time, which I must admit I skimmed through. Levels of immigration were the cause of a lot of the turmoil on the streets. Breveik's motives were thought to be based on this.

I am always interested in how the human mind can take on so many different personas, and this one is as complicated as they come. An interesting read, but maybe not for the squeamish or easily upset.

This book is reviewed on Amazon.

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