Sunday, 25 June 2017

Open house at the Summer House.

Hello. I just dozed off while sat at the computer. It's been such a busy day, I have no energy left. The day started when I woke at 5am, and I didn't stop until I had everything out of the Summer House by 7pm. It's still not all put away, but I will have to live with the mess till tomorrow as I ain't doing any more tonight. 
It was a smashing day, loads of people came, hardly anyone wanted a drink so I have enough to keep me going for the next six months. Janet came and set the cat stall up, and sold a few more things. She was a good help, taking some of the pressure off me when it got very busy. The weather was ok, not much sun, a bit breezy, but thankfully no rain. 
The first people arrived at about 11am, then they kept coming and finally stopped at closing time at 4.30pm. I was amazed, three people introduced themselves as blog readers, how fantastic is that. In the first photo is, on my right, Stan the library man  and Bev his wife. On my left blog reader Jane and hubby, they came all the way from Oxford. No they didn't come all that way just to see me, they were looking at houses in the area. Please excuse my pose, I don't want to go to the toilet, I am crouching because I didn't want to block out those behind me.  
Blog reader number two is Alison. She came to the Fair yesterday and I completely forgot, my head has been buzzing with all the different people I have spoken to over the weekend.

And blog reader number three is Nicki. She is a member of the Walking Group. It was very nice to meet you all ladies, so chuffed that you came. All smashing ladies, I could have talked to them for ages.

This is my friend Graham, he looks after this little dog called Molly for his friend. Such a cutie.

More visitors, lots of faces I knew, but don't know their names.

This is it, all dressed up. I have to apologize because I only took one interior shot, I was so busy I forgot.

These have been under wraps for a while, I hung them on the side of the garage.

These three are normally hanging in my house, so here they are on the front of the garage for today.

I had to re position the bracket for the everlasting hanging basket when I added the new doors.

 This is something I made for the Arts Centre a few years ago. We were told to pick up a used cardboard drinks cup and make something with it. I covered it in gold sticky back plastic, made a cutout to expose the name, added pink beads, a bracelet, and ribbon. Inside I put cat litter to weigh it down, and topped it with a scrunchy bath scrub and curly plastic straws.

The gap between the Summer House and the back of the garage is mostly paved now, I just laid the slabs on top of the bricks. Looks tidy.

I quite like the bold colours. My little pots of paint are getting used up, I'll have to keep my eyes open for some more.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Village Summer Fair

Hello. The weather held out for us today, as you can see we had sunshine. It was a typical village summer fair, people came out to support their local charities. There were games to win something, stalls to buy something, music to dance to, food to scoff, and lots of chatting with friendly people. I think I probably saw all the people I know in one afternoon. I was dead chuffed when someone stopped by to say hello and said she reads this blog. So, hello again blog reader, it was nice to meet you. 

The ever popular WI home made cake stall.

The refreshment tent was busy as usual. Enjoying a cuppa on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

We did very well on the stall, I got Janet to take this photo just as we were starting to pack away, hence why there are gaps on the table, it was full when we started. I sold 11 out of 13 shopping bags, and one lady bought five cat beds. Janet and Sue did a tombola which did very well..

So, it was a good day all round, we made quite a lot for the cat rescue, and it was fun doing it.

Tomorrow will be another busy day. I'll be up early filling the Summer House with my art, must be ready to meet people at 10.30 when they start arriving.

Thanks for popping in, enjoy your Sunday. we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Friday, 23 June 2017

Unconventional money saving

Hello. While most girly girls have a collection of makeup to pretty themselves up, I have a collection of useful bits and bobs which may come in handy when I am playing with wood and building things. I have the normal hammers and nails, screwdrivers and screws, drill, spirit level, stanley knife, sand paper, tape measure, and suchlike, and bits of hardware recovered from things I have taken apart. You never know when you might need these things. 
I have a cardboard carry box to contain things I might need in the garden, found last week at a small garden centre I sometimes pop into, it was free. Their prices are a whole lot cheaper than the huge garden centres which sell everything you don't need. It's sturdy and just the right size. For the screws and other bits I have cut down juice drinks cartons which fit nicely, leaving room at the side for drill and screwdrivers. No need to buy a tool box, there are plenty of free ones out there. 
Yesterday I was looking for a piece of wood suitable for mounting the plaque onto. I didn't have one exactly the right shape and size and I didn't fancy spending time with a saw and making one. Then I thought of an idea. Why does it have to be a couple of inches larger than the plaque, and oblong, it could be any shape. My friend Bob made some large flowers to advertise the Summer Fair, and he gave me the ply offcuts.

The result, I used the same paint that I used to decorate the sponsors name. Haven't painted any flowers on it, I don't think it needs it. I like it, it's quirky, different, and fun. It has a wire across the back to hang it up.

A few more jobs to do today, nearly there. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Thursday, 22 June 2017

One happy kitty.

Hello. I know you like fuzzywuzzy happy ending kittykat stories, and as I am busy, Janet has kindly written this report on our latest re homing. 
This is the story of Marmalade/Millie.
Marmalade, who is about eighteen months old, came into rescue having been discovered straying in a very small village in Lincolnshire.  A family who had been feeding her (and named her Marmalade) unfortunately were unable to keep her as they were in rented accommodation where regulations stipulated pets were not allowed.  
She was not micro-chipped and despite efforts to trace her owners, including a message on the local radio, no-one came forward. The family were very sad at the need to re-home her as they had become very attached to her. 
We took Marmalade to the vets to ascertain whether or not she was spayed and as no scar could be found it was assumed that she had not been done.  A couple of days later when she was operated upon it was revealed that she had indeed already been spayed.  Marmalade soon recovered from the operation and was put up for adoption.  There was a lot of interest in her but for one reason or another, mainly close proximity to busy roads, we were not entirely happy that the right home had come along. 
Eventually she was homed to a wonderful family who had recently lost their elderly cat and who are at home most of the day.  She has a garden to enjoy in a peaceful safe location.  Marmalade (now Millie) is a very special girl with a wonderful temperament.  She is so placid and enjoys lots of affection and has instantly settled in her new home. Her new family adore her and she is being thoroughly spoilt. The picture shown is Millie in her new home.

Aaaah, what a pretty cat, a bit like my Mayze, though by the sound of it, completely different temperaments.

I'm getting there with the garden, have extended the slabbed/paved area, painting all done. I was hoping to get the grass cut this afternoon but it is raining. Maybe later, or tomorrow. Couldn't find the Shed of the Year plaque, I remember putting it away thinking I wouldn't need it again. Found it at last in the office under some paperwork.Now I'm making a wooden back for it so I can hang it, I don't want to drill into the front of it, so I'll screw it on from the back. I keep thinking everything is ready, then find something else that needs doing.

Thanks for the story, Janet.

Thankyou all for your lovely comments about my art.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip